President Message

We all must be filled with pride that our Association is more than a century old and we hope that all of us could work together now for our future generations to have our Association to be 200 years old and beyond. Our Association represents our community and it must continue peacefully and purposely to serve, bring together, unite and bond our younger and future generations of Ceylonese members of our community. This is what our forefathers and elders did that we have thus far enjoyed and experienced.

Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple conducts the various Saivite festivals stated in the Vaakya Panjaangam (almanac) in Ceylon Tamil traditions. Our community can be proud that we have continued to maintain what our forefathers have started. The temple priests strive to ensure the correct ritual practices but conducted in a balanced way for our modern Singapore.

In our multi-racial society, in additional to the donations and contribution from our Ceylon Tamils, the temple continues to receive sizeable donations from non-Ceylon Tamils and from non-Hindus. All donations go a long way to help with the running of the temple. The cleanliness and calm environment have always been a pride of the temple. The temple appreciates all volunteers who come daily after their work to clean the temple and kitchen.

The committee not only requires more volunteers but more commitment from our volunteers. The committee is now gearing its efforts to slowly bring these newly registered volunteers in supporting the temple’s activities including cleaning the temple and serving prasatham to our devotees.

Once again, our temple volunteers have reached out to support both the Hindu Endowment Board (HEB) and Sri Thandayuthapani Temple for the annual Thaipusam festival. About 35 volunteers led by our Deputy Secretaries and Committee Members were outstanding in their services as route marshals. The temple committee is very proud of our volunteers’ efforts. Both HEB and Sri Thandayuthapani temple have also been very grateful for our contribution.

Jeyaseelan Karthigesu